Luxe Lockdown Loungewear

Ah Lockdown Sweet Lockdown, the days all blend into one and you can't talk to friends and family 'face to face' without having to look at your own face the whole zoom call. Seriously zoom, why isn't there an option to stop yourself seeing your own face but everyone can still see you? I am so tired of trying to catch up with my loved ones and not being able to pay attention because in my head all I'm thinking is 'UGH do I seriously look like that when I talk?! How can anyone even bare to speak to me?!'

Despite the obvious difficulties of essentially losing all work overnight, not getting to properly see my family, no sex for 76 days now..etc. I have actually really enjoyed lockdown, theres something therapeutic about putting a pause on lifes extra bits and pairing everything down to the bare essentials. Staying in my cosy home and not going out to spend an extortionatethree quid on a frankly sub par mocha is my equivalent of going to build a cabin in the woods with just my bare hands and surviving by living exclusively off the land.

Another thing I've loved about lockdown is the comfort. I am comfortable pretty much all the time. I can't remember the last time I wore even a slight heel. Some days I wear pretty much nothing, a bikini if I'm spending my day out in the garden, or just my comfiest underwear if I'm indoors. It feels like true freedom.

So below are links to the most luxurious loungewear in my wardrobe!

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