What to write to your MP for BLM

Below is a template of the kind of email to write to your MP to express your concerns over how black people are being treated both in the US and closer to home here in the UK. It is going to touch in a very precise way on issues from police brutality to education at school level, the reason this template is not going to go into much detail is that your MP would likely ignore a long in depth email. Our aim is to get our points across and express our beliefs on this human rights issue concisely in the hope they are listened to. I have addressed this to my MP so obviously change the relevant details when you use this template.

Here we go:

Dear Alex Chalk,

I'm writing to you today as a resident of cheltenham about the human rights crisis we are facing world wide. I would like to share with you a list of actions I implore you to raise in government in order to combat the injustices against race we are seeing not only in the US but here in the UK as well.

1. Immediate suspension of UK sales of teargas, riot shields and rubber bullets to the US.

2. Condemn Trumps use of military force against his own people.

3. Release the delayed report into BAME Covid deaths, delaying this report of vital information could cost the lives of minorities.

4. Work to increase the education of race issues in schools at GCSE level or even before. There are many many educational resources that can be put into the classroom. Books written by people of colour about their experiences should be included in English curriculum. History of racial injustices reaching back to the start of slavery in 1619 should be taught in the history classroom, and not just US history, but the UK's own history of racial injustice need to be taught as well.

I notice that your voting record on equality and human rights is suboptimal. I also notice that you yourself have not spoken at all about the events currently unfolding. I remind you that simply not being racist yourself is not good enough, it does not help anything. You need to be actively anti-racist and make a difference, especially as someone in a position that could enact real change. Silence at this time is complicity. Not doing anything to help is support of a system of racial injustice.

I hope you take what I have said to heart,

Alexandra Lloyd

I Vote.

Okay team thats my template! Obviously feel free to change anything or add anything you feel strongly about. You can check your MPs voting record on theyworkforyou.com

For educational resources, where to donate, podcasts to listen to, Ig accounts to follow etc everything is in my BLM highlight on my Instagram

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