Learning to Dance in the Rain

This weeks weather has been more than atrocious. The rain has been unrelenting, and it’s not the pitter patter on your window pane while you’re snug in bed style rain you find in sleep sound apps, it’s ‘If I go outside my immediately soaked person will be blown sideways into the road’ style rain.

I can’t help but feel this is pathetic fallacy. If this blog were a gothic novel the current weather would be a metaphor for where I’m at with my life and my state of mind. I am in one of life’s in between phases, I’ve moved in to a new place, I’m looking into leaving full time blogging and I’m attempting to forge a new and different life. As it turns out, a fresh start doesn’t just start at once, I’ve got the new house, but I still need a new job and a new routine and in my head I can’t be content until everything falls back into place. It’s uncomfortable in the in between, and this week I feel as though the rain clouds have been following me around.

As someone who preaches positivity and not taking life to seriously my own mind clearly hasn’t been listening to me! I have been mopping around not knowing what else to do. When you’re doing all you can for a new start but haven’t got there yet you end up changing your nail colour every 5 minutes and dying your hair darker and darker even when you swore you would never get rid of your signature bright blonde, just to see if that makes a difference. So far, it hasn’t, maybe getting my first tattoo would work? (I’m joking mum I promise). I might be feeling stuck under the literal and metaphorical rain clouds right now, but me (and my new boots) will be stomping through the puddles.

Boots- Fairfax&Favor | Skort - Stradivarius | Trench - Selfridges | Bag - Radley | Jumper - Nasty Gal

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