The Phrase “Emotional Baggage” is Total Bullshit

I’m currently tucked up in bed listening to Tayla Parxs ‘I want you’ and its got me thinking about the phrase ‘emotional baggage’ and the more I think about it the more I realise its one of those phrases that we use a lot that is actually just complete and utter bollocks.

Yes everyone has their own problems that they’re going through and everyones got issues from the past. Some more traumatic than others. But the term baggage is so permanent, like we have to carry around every bad thing thats ever happened to us and forever bring that into new chapters of our lives. Fuck that!

Life isn’t an airport and you absolutely can leave your baggage unattended, never to be seen again. (I don't know what happens to unattended baggage at an Airport, do they blow it up?)

How exhausting it is to think you have to carry around negative memories and experiences for the rest of your life. I’m always absolutely knackered after trekking around with a Louis Vuitton hold-all in arm on shoot days, my heels are practically making trenches down the streets of Notting Hill from the weight. I don’t need that emotionally! No thanks!

The art of letting go can be a tough one to master but its no where near as hard as it is to not let things go. I don’t know what kind of person I'd be if I had to carry around every little negative part of my past for so long that they eventually became a part of my everyday personality. I'm convinced that people who are trolls online are just people who let their own issues manifest into their personalities so much that they just explode with rage at people who are just living their lives.

Nobody wants to be that person so lets just all collectively agree to leave our ‘baggage’ behind and focus on future happiness. You don’t need to leave a full set of monogramed Hermes Luggage all at once, maybe try a Jacquemas LE PETIT CHIQUITO to start.

Until next time xo

P.s. Apologies for the sickening levels of #posivibes in this post, sometimes you just gotta spread some love and wholesome advice! I will be back with more negative views on life in the fashion industry very shortly.

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