Having a Quarter Life Crisis Before 25

Does this mean I’m going to die at 84?

I’ve recently bought three books: ‘Get your shit together’- Sarah Knight ‘Life Honesty, strong opinions from smart women’ - The Pool And ‘Everything I know about Love’ - Dolly Alderton The sales assistant looks at the books, then back at me clearly deciphering that I must be going through a serious life crisis. I’ve thrown in a key ring in attempt to make what I’m buying seem more casual like a teenage boy buying condoms and throwing in a pint of milk and a newspaper.

I am buying self help books, something I’ve definitely taken the piss out of people for buying before. What have I become? Next thing is I’ll be bathing surrounded by crystals and attempting ‘womb healing’ (something I’ve heard about but am not entirely sure what it is)

I feel disconnected from my current daily life. I am not present and I’m neglecting everything that’s important in favour of sleep or pratting around on my phone. I’m not content in my life and yet everything around me is perfectly fine. Am I overthinking? What have I got myself into? I can’t help but think this may all be down to the Instagram algorithm, I’m sure everything not right in the world can somehow be connected to it.

Perhaps I have simply become a different person and all I need to do is figure out how to shuffle my life to fit me again. I feel different yet nothing about me has changed. Oh god and now I’m using this blog as a therapists office. I just need to chill out. Maybe I just need a nap.

At least everyone seems to be going through a quarter life crisis so as usual I’m keeping up religiously with all the trends. I’ve done a lot of thinking because if you are reading this you are most likely also going through a quarter life crisis and may hope that I have found some kind of solution to how you are feeling. You are in luck! I have devised something of a temporary solution. Instead of paying your rent this month invest in an expensive accessory to make it look like you have your shit together and maybe if you con enough people into thinking you’ve got it together you will eventually con yourself? Note: In order to keep up the con do not write a whole blog post on how you definitely don’t have it together.

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