The Sexiness of Androgyny

The sexiness of androgyny

And its place in todays environment.

From Bianca Jagger in that iconic white YSL suit to Cara Delevingne (can we please talk about that Royal Wedding coat and tails look), androgynous fashion has always had an appeal to me. Walking out of the cinema after watching A Simple Favour, seeing Blake Lively in stunning three piece suits got me thinking about androgynous fashion and its place in the current social climate.

Some good tailoring with little hints of femininity has a powerful sexiness to it. Putting on a suit with a pink t-shirt and some heeled boots gives me the same rush of power as listening to boss bitch Spotify playlists featuring large amounts of Beyonce’s early work. Androgyny has never had a bigger place in society as it does now. Millennials are crying out for gender neutrality in fashion . With Icons like Harry Styles and Ruby Rose at the forefront; androgyny is the new normal for daily style.

However you want to look at it fashion is an art form and art is political. From lack of representation of POC models in the Celine show to the pro-migration Burberry show described by Tisci as “a celebration of the cultures, the traditions and the codes of this historic fashion house and of the eclecticism that makes up the beautifully diverse United Kingdom”. Fashion has a big voice and is using it to express opinions on todays current issues. Androgyny is about so much more than the gender debate. It is also about women in business and women having power. Androgynous looks represent women having more of a say in business, politics and (I think) most importantly the home life, sex and relationships. We are no longer housewives of the 50s (unless we choose), and we no longer have to dress that way. Lord knows I love my super girly pink outfits with frills and flowing pleated skirts, but wearing a suit gives me reclamation of the attributes given to business men; strong, powerful, confident. For men I strongly encourage androgynous outfits, the way clothing can make you feel is powerful and men should have the opportunity to feel feminine, sexy and elegant. Look at drag queens; NO ONE has that confidence! All men should be able to feel like that.

Fashion is moving 100 miles a minute and it's all about whats new, whats the next thing? Where are we going as a society and how can fashion reflect? We can't be still reinforcing old ideas of what we should look like and what we should dress like. Its quite frankly boring. We need diversity, we need gender neutrality and what we don't need is to keep repeating the same old thing *cough* Celine *cough*

We can combat gender stereotypes and toxic masculinity one #ootd at a time.

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Photography by Kirsty Green

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