How to Reluctantly Transition Into Autumn

Scrolling down my feeds it would seem like autumn is upon us. Everything I see is pumpkin spice lattes, bloggers in knitwear and boots, and AHS has started so its practically halloween. Personally I'm sitting here with Cody Simpsons 'underwater' playing from the speakers still dreaming of palm trees and midday naps by the pool. Im definitely a summer person and so all my effort is going into finding ways to dress for autumn while keeping my spirit on that summer vibe.

My tactics so far include wearing summer outfits but in neutral and dark tones:

This black shirt dress has the added benefit of being appropriate mourning attire to help you process the death or summer.

Pair with a denim jacket in a neutral shade instead of blue for all the autumnal vibes.

You can also just continue to stubbornly wear your summer outfits but with a coat draped over your shoulders so you can hit the autumn brown check trend and also stay in denial that you're freezing in your summery cowl neck cami top.

Which brings me onto white jeans. I wear them 24/7 365! What is this ridiculous 'fashion rule' that says you can only wear white jeans in the summer? If ,like seemingly everyone except me, you are desperate to start A/W fashion, pair white jeans with a neutral sweater and some snake skin boots. White jeans are the best jeans and I refuse to stop wearing them!

Another thing I'm not giving up on are shorts. Im really getting into shorts for A/W, sounds weird but imagine if you will some tailored shorts in khaki; like the above, or white, with a thick knit jumper and some boots. A LEWK.

Finally I will not get off the maxi skirt band wagon. I'm so happy that maxi skirts were a huge trend this summer and thats not slowing down coming into A/W. If you want to be really on trend and #FashHun (a word I embarrassingly use frequently and un-ironically) You should pick yourself up a leopard print satin maxi skirt, preferably the one from realisation par that dominates my instagram feed. Until I find a more affordable version of that skirt I'm sticking to wearing one of my favourite ever pieces, my knit maxi skirt. Paired with a chunky crop jumper and a nude beret; did I mention I'm getting into neutrals?

Link to bag: Ralph Lauren

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