The London Haircut to Suit Every Woman

Located in Marylebone, Michael van Clarke salon is a destination, it seems, for very well put together women with emerald Gucci Dionysus bags..oh and also me.. on a Thursday morning, fresh out of a bad sleep and although I did brush my hair, in the 20 minutes it took me to get to the salon I managed to quickly get dragged through a hedge, or so it seemed.

Now a quick history lesson! My hair has been through A LOT! Before I discovered argan oil I would straighten my hair every day just to get rid of wild frizz. Then I went through the dreaded block fringe frenzy of 2012 (remember how everyone had a fringe back then!). Then I discovered hair dye and slowly but very surely transitioned into the blonde I always wanted to be. Then I went so white blonde that my hair gave up on me and started to break off!!!! So it was time to go back to my natural colour and cut my hair into a brown lob, my darkest hour.

Years later, this winter I had another bad experience with a hairdresser where I was trying for a balayage which I kind of already had a little bit but I wanted more blonde more light and caramel! (what I have now) I walked out of the hairdressers with all the blonde that I did originally have chopped off and very weak balayage that I could barely even see, I'd asked for blonder hair and left with darker! Ever since I've done my own colour with mixed results but at least I'd always get roughly what I want, even if it takes a few tries (apologies to hair health fanatics I'm sure you are shuddering at the thought of what I put my hair through!)

As for my cut I've just been going for the occasional trim which has left me with hair all one length that doesn't flatter my face shape or the texture of my hair. So now that you're all up to speed re: my many hair mistakes. I bring you back to Thursday morning (post hedge) when I rocked up to Michael Van Clarke Salon to experience what Michael has dubbed the diamond cut.

This is where the hair is cut dry, which sounds weird to say, but thinking about it all haircuts should be done this way. Cutting the hair dry allows the hairdresser to work with how your hair naturally falls to make sure the cut looks right once your hair is dry and styled.

Sat in the chair talking to Michael I can tell I'm in safe hands. He was kind enough not to mention the hedge level knots in my hair or that the home dye job I thought was alright on the surface is actually a complete mess once my hair is sectioned, oops!

Feeling confident with your hairdresser for me is the most important thing. I've had all the haircut horror stories and I'm surprised I don't have a full on phobia! I've asked for a trim and felt like I walked out with a pixie cut. Then there was a disastrous block fringe incident where I had a harsh fringe cut too short so it only covered half my forehead. So I felt at ease when I asked Michael how we could get my hair to be less weighed down and he told me exactly what would work for me and why. So we decided on some long bouncy layers (which also has the added benefit of getting rid of some particularly nasty split ends).

No surprise here but the recommended layering has made such a difference to the body of my hair (It's almost like Michael, who had his first editorial spread in Vogue aged 19, actually knows what he's talking about!). It's 10 times more voluminous! The cut really compliments my natural tousled waves so much that I don't feel like I need to do any styling, especially as I'm also using Michaels own hair care brand '3 More Inches' shampoo and conditioner. Instead of covering up damage like most products, Michael's range uses cashmere proteins to rebuild your hair making it healthy through to the ends. I've only used them once and can already tell they are going to be my new hair essentials!

'The most professional salon in London' - Vogue

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