My Changing Relationship With Designer Brands

I promised myself I’d stop spending money as I need to save for PFW and a London trip in a couple weeks. Monday I flew back from my holiday ready for a fresh start! It’s now Friday and a new pair of Stella McCartney sunglasses stare back at me from my desk, they mock my fragile self control.

But there’s hope for me! I can feel my obsession with luxury changing. The more I think about the new IT bag (Dior Saddle bag if you were wondering) the more I cant stand the energy surrounding it.

Taking a break from city life has given me a new perspective.

It may sound like I’m turning into a hippy and I’m about to run off to live in Yurt (will never ever happen) but seeing true beauty in nature while I was in Funchal makes designer goodies seem very unnecessary. Seeing a flashy designer bag feels too busy to me now, I’ve always been more interested in the subtler designer pieces anyway but now even more so. For me less is more. I’m not about flashy logos or slogans that essentially say ‘I PAID THOUSANDS OF POUNDS TO CARRY MY RECEIPTS AND OLD TRAIN TICKETS IN THIS’. Luxury pieces are amazing but theres a difference between the designs that are really beautiful and have so much work behind them like wearable art and then theres the word GUCCI on a plain white tee.

Now you know me, I’m not turning my back on my designer clothing! I just feel differently about it, it has this atmosphere of success and bossing life. With a designer handbag on your arm you’re a big city business bitch with no time for men. Your Hermes is the longest relationship you’ve had and you’re everybody’s favourite person to party with, Moet all round!

Which is great, but it’s not me. I’d love to live in a small apartment or cottage somewhere interesting like France or Sweden. I’d want to be near the sea and spend as much time outdoors as I could. I want serenity and sunlight. I just haven’t found a way to fit luxury into that narrative. It just feels out of place somehow.

So here’s hoping I’ll never find a designer item I like ever again and I save the money! Unlikely I know!

My tastes are moving towards a dedicated luxury collector, I love vintage Dior and YSL is fast becoming a favourite. As for IT bags and the latest trends, I just feel they are taking a back seat in what I’m paying attention to in fashion at the moment.

My fashion sense is always changing a lot and I’m sure you’ll see me in a GUCCI or DIOR tee before long! But for now in fashion I’m looking for something unique and truly special.

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