Two Summer IT Bags Under £20

As I sit in a London Caffe writing this on my phone, drizzle runs down the window, the summer showers are here and I'm trying to time my run to the train station for the least amount of rain. Meanwhile my timeline is swiftly filling up with views of Santorini's iconic blue roofs and the houses of the Amalfi coast stacking up the hills, a pool of sapphire and emerald below. I'm feeling indescribably impatient for my turn to have a couple weeks of sunshine, I have all my holiday outfits planned out (part of the blogger life) and I'm trawling the internet for the IT bag that will sum up my summer style perfectly.

And then I find it, the Cult Gaia bags! I'm sure you saw them splattered in your feeds last year and they are back for a second year in office as the summer it bag. PLUS they are so affordable! But alas it is not to be! I am flying carry on and theres no way I'd be able to pack the bamboo bag without risking breaking it. So I give up...or do I?! I will not be labeled a quitter so I have found a Genius solution!

I found this dupe on Amazon! It's £18 and thats not even the best part...IT FLAT PACKS.

completely flat. I couldn't believe it, it was like it was made specially for me! It opens up really wide and is (as you can see) a sizeable bag perfect for storing beach coverups, Bali Body Tanning oil and 5 different pairs of sunglasses because you couldn't decide which ones you wanted to wear (true story)

This really is the perfect bag for the season, I'm still a huge Cult Gaia fan (and I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up getting one even after I come back.) But for now I love that this one is a little different.

Now if you're looking at the Bamboo bag thinking 'but where do I keep tampons, empty chocolate bar rappers and dog poop bags?' Then you aren't going to like this next IT bag either soz!

The humble net bag, the one your granny used to go to the corner shop with. It has that oranges from the grocery store vibe and is the bag to wear for those farmers market summer days. This bag feels more of a prop than a practical bag, fill it with fresh flowers from your local flower shop, a bottle of champagne and maybe Vogue magazine and you have yourself a lewk!

The net bag could be fashions answer to the 5p bag charge, but only if what you're buying is instagrammable AF. Vetements are selling their version complete with a small pouch for a cool 3K. However I got mine off Etsy for under £10!

And there ya have it! Two IT bags under £20 So you can save money for actual summer experiences, I cannot wait to get some sun!

Link to Flat Pack bag : Amazon

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