Finding Your Vibe: Blogging and Instagram

Yes I am that annoying person who is always talking about ‘vibes’ I tweet about what my summer ‘vibe’ is, whats my holiday vibe? Going out for drinks vibe? Whats my overall vibe? Theres so much to create different vibes for!

But what am I even on about? What the hell is a vibe?

Well fashion isn’t just an outfit anymore; its a vibe. We all have different ones.

As a blogger in order to be successful you need to be a story teller, you need to captivate, you need to create more than just a pic of your new top. You need a VIBE. And theres where my apparent obsession with the word began. I’ve been pushing myself to find a new creative direction, I’m trying to push my work forward. I’ve been experimenting with different editing styles and photography. I have been Pinterest mood boarding HARD. This always happens to me as the seasons change. While my style never really differs from the slightly Parisian inspired ‘everyday elegance’ bracket I do change and evolve what I think that means, and how to move that style outline along with the latest trends.

One of the hardest things about blogging is getting whats in your head out on paper (or rather out on the screen). I see a faint blur of what I want to create, I go out to bring my vision into the world and even then I'm not certain I’m getting the right ‘vibe’ across to my audience (you reading this now) Even if I see it clear as day.

So I sit here in the conservatory, a long empty Diet Coke to my left, phone buzzing to my right with the occasional instagram notification, creating stories. Story telling with fashion. For example I see on the table that I’m typing away on; my new sunglasses. They are retro extreme cat eyes with a gold and white frame, the type of sunglasses you’d wear on a romantic mini break. Driving down the country lanes in a vintage soft top car, monogrammed picnic basket in the back and a Dior scarf covering your hair. And there it is, a VIBE! That is the vibe the sunglasses have. And while I can’t create that entire scene just around the sunglasses (I would never get any work done if I took a mini break every time I had the perfect outfit for it, not to mention be completely penniless) But that is the story I want to tell so I have to evoke that in the image somehow. I do that for every photo I produce. And then I have to think about what all the photos will look like all together, to create a consistent vibe across all my work with vastly different pieces, concepts, locations.

Here I am attempting tonal dressing, a trend I’m a HUGE fan of. In this photography set I am a bubblegum power puff girl who gets a job in the big city. Professional, stylish, powerful with a fun, slightly Malibu barbie millennial twist. Think Elle Woods bossing the law game in her signature magenta shade.

And thats mainly what I think blogging is. Creating stories through photos, your writing, even just a tweet or 10 second video. If you really love your new top and want to share it think about what story its telling! The rest will come to you and soon enough you’ll be creating entire novels in what seems like a quick candid instagram post.






Its a vibe.

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