Recap: The Royal Wedding with Radley London

I did not expect to be as moved as I was by The Royal Wedding. However watching the wedding (which I was lucky enough to do at the Soho Hotel in London with Radley) and simply seeing everyone around me so happy felt so much more important than I had anticipated.

The world is very difficult right now for a lot of people. Seeing so much love for two people that are so amazing with their charity and love for others felt like such an important moment for a world in turmoil.

I expected to be so jealous of Meghan, how could you not be? She’s so elegant, beautiful and clever, not to mention she’s (basically) a princess now. But then you remember all the work she’s done to better the world from such a young age (she wrote in to a company who’s ad was sexist and managed to get the ad changed at the age of 11) all the charity, the work for women’s rights, her fierce independence and her obvious love for her now husband you really can’t be mad at her. I felt strangely proud of both of them like a mother would, despite being a childless person who’s over a decade younger than them!

In all the chaos around us we needed to have this day. They gave us this day, so we could talk about Amal Clooneys incredible dress, the hilarious reactions to the amazing pastor who’s preaching energy levels the royals are definitely not used to! Rick Hoffman being completely in character, and Harry allegedly saying ‘I’m shitting it’ No politics, no controversy, just love. We all needed a day to just feel that love.

There were so many different elements of love. The obvious love of Harry and Meghan. Then the love from the crowd as they loudly cheered outside as Meghan's veil was lifted. The love and pride Meghan’s mother had for her daughter, who after her husband left her she raised by herself. It was a pure celebration, there were so many smiles, so much excitement it’s hard not to be infected by it. And that simply was all it was, one big wedding party for the whole world. I personally celebrated in spirit with the event by drinking far too much champagne. Radley truly spoilt me handing me popcorn as I sat in a super comfy armchair in front of the big screen in the fashionable cinema room of the Soho. My champagne was kept topped up and so I have no recollection of how many I had.

After the wedding was over we were escorted to have afternoon tea, I met lots of blogger babes and had all the cucumber sandwiches. I had brought my darling friend Ellie with me who is a die hard royal fanatic (sitting next to her watching the wedding was like having my own private royal commentator). At tea she excitedly delved into the goodie bag we had been kindly gifted full of Radley goodies, gin and chocolates it was almost like we were royal guests ourselves. Radley made us feel special with this ‘something blue’ from ADORE Jewellery , a brand I’ve been a fan of for some time. I can’t wait to stack all my bracelets from them, you guys know I love an arm full of candy!

My view that love was all around us was further solidified by passing Bill Nighy on Regent Street on the walk back to our tube station. (That was a love actually reference which I shouldn’t really have to explain. If you haven’t seen it what are you even doing with your life?)

I almost felt like I was in a simulation of a perfect day. Such a huge thank you to Radley London for organising such a special event! What I wore:

Until next time! XOXO

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