How I Shoot My Photos

A Ted Baker heel flys off in a Cinderella style moment as I sprint round the corner to hide - a slightly exaggerated guide to shooting blog photos. Okay so my shoe didn't fully fall off but dramatic sprinting did actually occur. This all happened because the persons doorstep that I was sitting by was coming out of their house!!! Becks and I had dropped our bags for a minute to adjust our outfits, I was about to switch out of my Ted Baker heels and into my Gucci (but not) loafers when I heard the dreaded sound of key hitting lock, abandoning the then practically nude Becks (she was trying to change a top by putting one on top of the other then taking the one underneath off; it didn't go well) and I definitely made the situation way worse by leaving her to face the home owners alone with practically no clothes on. I just had to avoid the awkward 'um what are you doing?' Chat.

That's mainly what shooting street style is all about, avoiding people that own the houses/cars you're using as backdrops. The effortless 'oh I just sat down on this step for a second and got this candid pic' is more like 'quick take the pic I've just seen a light come on!!!!'

"Dude, don't look now but there is a woman in the window taking photos of us!"

If you hadn't already guessed multiple outfit photos are shot in one day, the vast majority of my Insta photos from the past two weeks were all shot on the same 2 days (bar an off the cuff ootd here and there) this means getting changed, usually with little dignity as I spoke about earlier as I left a half naked Becks alone. The key to changing in public really is good basics and a whole lot of confidence! Stripping off in public isn't very glam but do it with purpose and good posture and you can just about get away with looking as though it's completely normal! Plus it saves so much time rather than trecking to the nearest Starbs and changing in their loos, then going all the way back to your locations.

Large coats are also your best friend! Hide a cute outfit under a trench, shoot the look with and without and you've basically got two different outfits! That really goes for any layering.

You can also switch things up with your location! These three photos are all basically the same outfit but in different locations, switching up your pose and back drop is really helpful if you're just shooting one outfit that day but you want as much content as possible. Space them out on your feed and you've got three pieces of lovely content for one outfit.

Get prepared to be treated like a criminal! Shooting in London especially you'll get shifty doormen approach you to scare you off even if you're shooting all the way down the street from their building! If you don't have the energy for a confrontation with a large middle aged man who definitely doesn't care that you're just trying to do your job then you better choose a different location! To be honest it's all worth it for that perfect shot, the same people looking at you weird are going onto Insta and declaring their love for your photos in the comments!

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