Millennial Pink: In Review

Yay millennial pink!! The colour that expresses calm, happiness and spending £300K on avo toast. Millennial pink is the colour of the moment and has been for a while now! Seen everywhere from Kim's KKW range to (probably) your own Instagram page.

So what is it that we millennial's love so much about the warm pink hue? As we sit in our rented one bedrooms busy earning less than our parents at the same age does it make us feel serenity as pink is supposed to? Does it represent gender equality as it's become so androgynous? And how does 'killing the soap industry' factor in?

All I know is I personally can't get enough of it, and you guys can't either. Whenever I pose in front of a pink backdrop my photos get so many 'loving the pink!' comments. I am a pink addict: I post photos of dusty pink roses, I dress in head to toe pink outfits, I'd live at Peggy Porchen if I could. I like to think I'm doing this because it's my style but am I just swept up in all the entitled Millennial culture?

As I reach for my pink coffee mug in preparation for a busy day of being completely lazy and useless, I wander why I've chosen to make millennial pink my signature shade. Following in the footsteps of Mariana Hewit and Emily Luciano do I love millennial pink because it expresses who I am or am I just lying to myself and I'm simply attracted to the hype?

What I can say is that I've made many attempts to introduce different colours to my wardrobe and and stop wearing quite so much pink. I've been failing for around two years (as you can see by all the imagery in this post I've been failing HARD).

My current theory is that millennial pink is basically the new neutral on the scene. I've almost always been attracted to monochrome and nudes, I find they give an expensive look with extra chicness. And millennial pink is a warm pink, it's not the childish barbie pink or a cheap fluorescent. It's elegant and gentle but it's still a confident shade. Backed by a strong generation of change and acceptance.

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