72 hrs in Paris

Ah Paris, C'est tres chic! Paris is a city built to be grammed, every boulevard is full of cute spots, classic monuments and boutique cafes. And even better: everything is in French, the most beautiful of all languages. Hence why my camera roll is currently 70% full of photos of French signs and posters that probably just give directions or don't mean anything at all. When you aren't there long you have to cram a whole lot of photo shoots, sight seeing and most importantly shopping time into a matter of hours so here's my guide to 72hrs in Paris 'Instagram edition'.

For those all important travel shots:

Give going up the Eiffel Tower a miss, sure it would be fun to go but this is an Instagram based guide and who wants a photo of Paris that doesn't have the Eiffel Tower, or more importantly you in it?? Go across the bridge and take a candid Instagramable snap or two...or four.

Where to stay:

For a more authentic experience we stayed at Hotel De La Jatte. Practically on it's own little island in the financial district the area is full of real life French people! Plus the hotel is gorgeous!

Obviously you have to visit all the main tourist places:

Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, The Loovre and of course blogger hotspot Palace Royal!

In fact with all these places you can quite easily play the 'spot the blogger' game. The theory being that we practically sniff out anywhere Instagramable.

Just a faint sound of a camera shutter and perhaps a small mutter of 'what gorgeous architecture' has us hurriedly grabbing for our Gucci and Olympus Pens!

Now less cultural/educational stuff (yawn) let's get down to what everyone actually wants to know:


Just look at the Dior store Christmas decorations!

Now this is the Dior store on Avenue Montaigne, one of the Dior stores that is.

Designers line the entire street. Chanel's placed at either end like metro stations sandwich several Dior's and Celine's. Now since I'm not one to impulse buy designer goods (I wish I was) my favourite thing to do is walk down and simply admire all the beautiful stores (but only on the inside).

The people who work in these places always seem to judge you, so I like to walk past and turn my nose up a little as if I'm far too rich and important to care about the latest Valentino collection. Then I head straight to Zara and H&M for some gorgeous and affordable dupes!

Paris is a wonderful city, just as romantic as the movies portray it to be. Unlike Venice it's definitely not a city to 'switch off' in, there are just far too many things to snap up for the gram! And yes I know how lame it is that all I can think about is Instagram.

But that's my life now, my own little art work. And Paris is a city of muses.

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