My Interview with Azura Jewellery

I've been talking blogging, travel and style with Azura Jewellery!:

Azura Jewelry came across Alexandra Lloyd – the blogger behind the blog “Life By Lex”. Her blog mirrors her funky taste in fashion and depicts the various places she visits, putting a stamp on the fact that Alexandra adores traveling. We decided to set up an interview with Alexandra. Alexandra personally resides in The Cotswolds in the south west of England and studies English Literature. She describes her desire to be an accomplished journalist and hopes to live abroad with many dogs, hitting an emphasis on the word “many”, unfolding her affection of dogs. Through the interview, we were able to construe why Alexandra loves traveling and what sparked her interest to take up the world of Fashion and Lifestyle Blogging. 

“Basics are the best!” ― Alexandra Lloyd 

Azura: What made you decide to start blogging? Alexandra: I was in my gap year and decided to document my trips on a blog, eventually I started writing more fashion and style pieces and that’s how Life by Lex came about. Azura: How would you describe your fashion style in three words? Alexandra: Elegant and classy with a little attitude. Azura: What are some of your current fashion obsessions? Alexandra: Prince of Wales check, blush, anything with a slogan, especially those new Bella Freud jumpers!

Azura: What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear? Alexandra: One of my favorite things to watch are conspiracy/murder documentaries! Azura: The first thing you do in the morning is… Alexandra: Grab a cup of tea and fuss the dogs. Azura: You would never leave home without? Alexandra: My Camera, you never know when you’ll find a great photo op. 

Azura: You stay in shape by? Alexandra: I walk into town most days to go to my little office. I love a good Pilates class and I’ve also started using weights in my home workouts. Azura: The greatest life advice you’ve ever received? Alexandra: Be grateful. You can’t be unhappy with your life if you’re always thinking about how lucky you are! Azura: What fashion tips would you like to give to our Azura babes? Alexandra: Invest in a few pieces that you know will always make you feel amazing! You could be wearing jeans and an old tee but throw on a designer bag or a gorgeous coat and you create an amazing high-end look. I hope you enjoyed my interview! Azura make some gorgeous unique pieces perfect for the gift giving season. Make sure to check out their website here: Azura Jewellery

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