Finding My Chill in Venice

When we booked our Venice holiday the first thing I did was go straight to Instagram and Pinterest to find the most instagramable spots - sad right? But I wanted to meticulously plan all the content I was going to create in the short time (4 days) that we were there.

As with every seemingly candid post to Instagram a ton of planning went into what kind of shots I was going to take and where, my outfits for each day and even shots of my accessories and underwear!

I was also going to do a full vlog with my new vlogging camera of my whole trip, from the amount of pasta I was going to eat to the 100s of identical side streets I would walk down.

I started at the airport to slowly let go of the huge expectations I'd given myself. A 5am start doesn't really put you in the mood for talking into a camera.

Bustling through a ton of people in a small street doesn't exactly make for a great vlog anyway! So I let go, of everything, I no longer cared about finding all the insta worthy places I wanted to see. I just wanted to really appreciate the city and take photos when I wanted to. I left Instagram and twitter alone, something I haven't done in a long time!

It may sound so cheesy but the city really was all the inspiration I needed, even the pigeons that would usually ruin that gorgeous view were somehow atmospheric.

I wasn't here to work, it was a weekend so no emails were coming in begging for attention (I hate that little dinging sound) and I had finally let go of constantly checking my insta engagement as though the more I checked the better it would get.

I realised I put far too much pressure on myself to keep that ever important Instagram theme so I just started taking photos that I really felt like taking. And I no longer cared about posting at certain times, I just posted when I had a minute! If you aren't a blogger this may sound weird like 'why wouldn't she just post whenever' but if you are a blogger too you know the struggle and how liberating it can be to just not care! My Instagram is now more 'me' than ever, it may have too many photos of the same outfit too close together, it may have flatlays next to each other, but no ones perfect and their social media shouldn't have to be either!

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