My Experience With the Nova Clinic Bespoke Facial

Skincare is a struggle I think for everyone. There's so many amazing products but they don't always work for each individual. Everyone's skin has such different needs that you can't just rely on shining recommendations for what's going to work for your skin.  

So on Tuesday this week I headed to Nova Clinic in Greenwich. I simply can't believe I've never had a skin consultation before. Just guessing your skin type is like guessing what bra size you are, or whether or not your lactose intolerant; It's probably best to get a professional opinion. 

So I put my face into this weird machine that looked better suited to a doctors surgery than a health clinic. If you don't know what this machine does it takes photographs in different lights exposing what lies underneath your skin. Scary!

It told me (or rather it told the lovely Victoria who then told me) that I have combination skin, a little scarring on my forehead and chin, no capillaries, and no sun damage. 

So now I know where I should be treating my oily skin and where I need to moisturise. But the best thing about having a consultation is that you then get to have a facial specific to your precise skin care needs. 

We started with a light chemical peel, something I'm used to doing so maybe my guess work is worth something! This peel was just to exfoliate the skin, with physical exfoliants it's much harsher on the skin; I mean it's basically just scratching it off! With the light chemical peel there's a slight tingle and a little redness but the skin won't peel off or anything dramatic.

After the peel to reduce the redness I was left with, and balance my combination skin, we did an LED mask. This is by far my favourite thing ever! I looked like a transformer and could not stop laughing! I tried desperately to explain it on my Instagram stories and I have several drafts of just me giggling away. 

But in all seriousness it's amazing for your skin. If you get breakouts or if you have acne this is the key to getting rid of it. I was worried about having breakouts for my dads wedding later in the week so this strange contraption really helped with clearing up my skin and preventing any nasty spots from appearing. 

Then we applied some products that I've been using all week now from SkinCeuticals and used this weird pen thing to really push the products into the skin. 

These products have become my daily routine and they've really made a difference. 

First I use Phloretin CF to prevent pollution from harming the skin. Then Phyto Corrective to reduce redness and breakouts. Then to moisturise I've been using Hydrating B5 and Nova Clinics own Hyaluronic Serum + B5 this really leaves my skin glowing and fresh.  

I mean just look at that glow if I do say so myself. Then of course SPF. It's really saying something that this week all I've been using on my face are these products. No face makeup at all! 

I'd highly recommend going to get a consultation and treating yourself to the bespoke facial, I now know exactly how I should be caring for my skin and I can look forward to many 'good skin days' in the future. The facials usually cost £105 or £267 for 3 treatments but if you let the clinic know I sent you then you can treat yo self at 30% off!! Which is basically saving money right??!! 

So relax and book yourself in Nova Clinic


This blog post contains sponsored content but as always all opinions are my own!

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